Kanji タンク Tanku
Gender Male
Partner Mink
Occupation Thief
Voice Actors
Japanese (北村 謙次) Kitamura Kenji

Together with Mink, this super strong man bursts in fury with his boastful muscles. He uses the Dance Soul Ring that he and Mink received from Choreo to power up their explosive dance. His main genre of dance is clamp.




Tank is a muscular built man with brown hair and facial hair. His outfit consists of a black short sleeved shirt with a green tactical vest with open-finger gloves. He also wears pants supported by a brown belt and under-the-knee gray and black boots.


When transformed, Tank's muscular build is even further enhanced and he now has blue hair instead of brown. The style of his clothes reminiscent to his former appearance, wearing a green and black shirt accompanied with an open blue tactical vest. His brown belt now has a giant emblem on the center with the letter 'T' and now he wears blue bracers and boots.


A very proud man who is even more proud of his muscles. He's quite strong and jumps at any chance to show off his strength in front of his partner Mink. Though Tank usually speaks very little and normally responds with short grunts, he's quick to jump into action and show his chivalrous spirit for Mink in a pinch. His soft spoken nature can sometimes lead the two in trouble and often he is scolded by Mink for his mistakes. Even so, he devotes his time to his partner and is dedicated to follow her to the ends of time; no matter what.






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