Kanji ミンク Minku
Gender female
Partner Tank
Occupation Thief
Voice Actors
Japanese (御沓 優子) Mikutsu Yūko

Together with her partner Tank, Mink aims of being the worlds greatest thieves. She and Tank are piping hot backup dancers that work alongside Choreo. Her main dance genre is jazz.




Mink is a fair-skinned woman with a somewhat slender body and large breasts. She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a purple skintight one-piece and plum colored gloves and boots.


When transformed, Mink has green hair and blue eyes. Her outfit, like before, is a skintight one-piece but is magenta instead of purple. Additionally, the one-piece is now opened up and reveals a matching colored bustier. She sports striped arm warmers with what appears to be magenta gloves while her leg-wear follows a similar schematic.


Mink has a very high class and extraordinary personality with a luxurious appetite for expensive things. While she has the tendency to talk very lovey-lovey with her partner Tank, her true bullish nature shines through when on the hunt for something to steal. She usually has a habit of always finding something she likes and uses her girlish charm to persuade Tank into helping her attain it. She can be quite brash whenever frustrated or when she doesn't get what she wants. However, as long as she has Tank by her side, Mink can always keep herself together; charm and sex-appeal in all.






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