Kotone Amamiya


Wink Beat

Kanji 天宮 琴音 Amamiya Kotone
Gender Female
Age 12-13
Partner Adeline
Occupation Student/Brave Beat
Alias Wink Beat
Voice Actors
Japanese Shiho Kokido




Kotone is a young girl with brown hair and green eyes. She wears a long sleeved shirt that is dark pink at the sleeves but light pink at the torso. She also wears a yellow double-layered skirt and boots that are both dark and light pink.

Wink Beat

Wink Beat looks largely different from Kotone, only retaining her eye color and is reminiscent of both her normal appearance and Adeline's. She has similarly styled blonde hair with orange tips and a notable bear ear headband.

Her apparel consists of white and pink striped two piece outfit adorned with several bows. Her leg-wear consists of white thigh-high stockings and pink boots, both which have matching black frills.


Kotone is a well mannered young girl with a bright future. She is very intelligent as she is talented in many hobbies she takes up, and while she may be soft spoken, she is very confident and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is very driven to accomplish things she takes on such as her strange experimental doughnut recipes, or her daily practicing in improving her dancing. She is strong-willed and encourages her friend Hibiki to never give up; whether it's to scold him or not.

While Kotone essentially has no real flaws, she isn't the type of person to ask for help or depend on others. She takes on many tasks seeing as how she is highly looked up to by her fellow classmates and constantly praised and used as an example to follow. Because of this, she can sometimes become overwhelmed in taking on new things and will crack under pressure. However, with Hibiki by her side, and now Adeline constantly motivating her, Kotone is able to easily conquer any misplaced feelings and perform her absolute best when the time calls for action.



Dance Techniques



"Watashi ni odotte! Your heartto! Winku BEEEAATOO!" (Let your heart dance with me! Wink Beat!) -Intro as Wink Beat