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Dance Stones (ダンスストーン - Dansusutōn) are stones that originated from the Danceworld. They act as a direct source for dance and all its free-form expressiveness. They are powerful stones, each containing its own form of dancing ability.



Dance stones are small in size and spherical in shape. They weigh just as much as a small marble and they come with a variety of colors. Because they are small and shiny, these stones are usually misinterpreted as strange rocks, pebbles, and even jewelry to the onlooker that happens to find one.



By gaining access to one of these stones, the user is able to manipulate that source power within it. It shares whatever ability that encompasses the stone and unlocks the hidden potential within the user. Only those who are capable of mastering these stones are able to use them fully.


If touched by someone whom is unable to master them, their power runs out of control. The soul of the user is then consumed by the stone's overwhelming energy and unconsciously run amok due to the lack of control.

List of Dance Stones

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